Geographical Info:

Anita was born in Texas City, Texas and lived in Houston, Texas until her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona when she was a tween. There, Anita spent her formative years growing up in a suburb called Mesa. She moved back to Houston, Texas after she graduated high school. She had also lived in Culver City, California briefly during high school and spent almost a year in Seattle, Washington in her mid-twenties. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


Personal Journey:

Anita never had the intention of modeling as child or teenager. It wasn't until her early twenties that she considered it when she was at a party and was approached by a photographer. Anita had never felt especially beautiful growing up and in fact became shy when she was given too much attention. She decided it was time to start having confidence in herself and give alternative modeling a try. Realizing that she enjoyed dressing up and getting photographed, she continued to collaborate with local photographers. She was asked by promotors, D.J.'s, and clothing designers in the Gothic & fetish subcultures to model for random projects and flyers; thus, launching her short-lived stint in the alternative modeling world.


After the tragic death of her mother, she began to lose confidence again and put aside modeling for a time. Just two years after the loss of her mother, her sister-in-law and older brother died tragically as well. Becoming very introverted, she only did a couple more shoots after trying to deal with the pain of losing half of her family. Anita decided that it was time for a change in her life so she moved from Texas to California. She hid from the internet, deleting her social media and web sites until she felt she had become forgotten. Upon looking through an external hard drive, she realized that she appreciated the love and support her friends and fans had given her and that she shouldn’t have run away.


Anita Star is back and with your support, she can build her confidence and online presence once again.


Entertainment history: 

Anita was voted "Miss Fetish Ball" in 2004 at the annual fetish ball and "Miss Spooky" in 2005 at the annual Gothic beauty Pageant in Houston, Texas. Anita was also a stage-performance dancer and has worked with musician: Kid Rock; and Houston’s local musicians: Supavillain. She also appeared in a music video called “Dominator” for Houston’s local, musical artist:  Psychonaut75. Anita also was involved in a fetish project shot by Danny Stygion which was aired in local dark wave community’s night clubs around Houston.


Anita briefly joined a musical theater troupe after taking acting classes at the Houston Academy of Dramatic Arts and Next Actor Studio in Texas. She also did a couple of short films and is part of the Screen Actors Guild known as SAG-AFTRA.

Her namesake is Anita Ekberg and Star is Anita's middle name. Her mother, Sophie who adored Hollywood glam, named her after Ekberg; who was a Swedish model and actress.



Anita graduated college with high honors holding an Associates of Arts degree in Liberal Arts: Social and Behavioral Science. She also holds another degree: Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education as well as a Certificate of Achievement in the same field.


Current Endeavors:

Anita is attending University to finish her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. While juggling classes, she is also finding the time to write a manuscript. She hopes to get her manuscript published as a vampire fiction novel in the near future.


Edited on October 3, 2015